Testimony of Cooper Ludarac (Not conducted in open court)

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Testimony of Cooper Ludarac (Not conducted in open court)

Location: Hon. Milton Crater’s Chambers

Counsels Present: ADA Lucille James, Stephen Harker (Ludarac Counsel)

Crater: Cooper, I’m going to ask you a few questions. I need you to answer them as well as you can. It’s very important. Are you ready?

Ludarac: Yeah.

Crater: Has your father ever hit or hurt you in any way?

Ludarac: No.

Crater: Do you know the names Dallas Gaines, Jack Sitersin, Cullen Krast or Vincent Bates?

Ludarac: Yes.

Crater: Where have you heard them before?

Ludarac: Mom and Dad talk about them.

Crater: Do you know who they are?

Ludarac: They hurt Lucy.

Crater: What do your parents say about them?

Ludarac: I don’t know.

Crater: Try to think, Cooper. What do your parents say about those men?

Ludarac: I don’t know.

Crater: Okay, it’s alright. Just try to relax. You’re not in any trouble. We just need your help.

Ludarac: Is my daddy in trouble?

Crater: That’s what we are going to figure out. I need to ask you about a few of your drawings. Do you recognize these?

Ludarac: [Nods]

Crater: Did you draw them?

Ludarac: [Nods]

Crater: These are very accurate. Where did you learn to draw this well, Cooper?

Ludarac: I don’t want to tell you.

Crater: It’s very important, Cooper. I need to know. Where did you learn to draw this well? Was it in school?

Ludarac: [Shakes Head]

Crater: Where then?

Ludarac: Daddy showed me how to draw.

Crater: Did he tell you to draw these pictures?

Ludarac: [Shakes Head]

Crater: Did your dad tell you about what you drew, and then you decided to draw it?

Ludarac: [Shakes Head]

Crater: Why did you decide to draw these, Cooper?

Ludarac: Lucy told me to.

Crater: Lucy told you to?

Ludarac: [Nods]

Crater: What else does Lucy say?

James: Objection, Your Honor.

Crater: Overruled, Ms. James. I know the legal system, but I think we’re all in somewhat uncharted waters here. I’m going to ask Cooper what I believe may have relevance to the jury. They can decide what to believe about Cooper’s statements from the transcript, and you will keep your mouth shut about it. What else does Lucy say to you, Cooper?

Ludarac: She tells me things.

Crater: What kinds of things?

Ludarac: She said Mommy and Daddy are helping her.

Crater: Helping her how?

Ludarac: [Shrugs]

Crater: Did you ever ask your dad about it?

Ludarac: [Shakes Head] Daddy lies.

Crater: He lies?

Ludarac: Mrs. Campbell told me that lying is bad, but Daddy said that if you’re good at lying, it’s okay. He says lying can’t be below zero.

Crater: Below zero?

Ludarac: It’s like math, like when you add numbers and subcract [sic] them.

Crater: How is lying like math, Cooper? What did your daddy tell you?

Ludarac: When you tell the truth, it’s like plus one, but when you lie, it’s like minus one. Daddy says that good lies are always bigger than zero.

Crater: Can you give me an example?

Ludarac: [Shrugs]

Crater: Do you play basketball, Cooper?

Ludarac: No.

Crater: If you wanted to lie to me and tell me that you do play basketball, how would you do it using what your dad taught you about lying?

Ludarac: Ummm. I would say the sky is blue. Your desk is big. He’s tall. I play basketball, and my name is Cooper. It adds up to three, so it’s a good lie.

Crater: Is that all your dad taught you about lying?

Ludarac: He said that bigger numbers make better lies, but never try to lie less than zero. It doesn’t work.

Crater: Thank you, Cooper. You have been very helpful. I hope you know that. Let the record show that I am now dismissing the witness and ordering a transcript of this testimony to be distributed to the jury.

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