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To: Sgt. Eric Renfield

From: Sgt. Adam Dalton

Subject: Recent Interrogation


This is the last time I am going to tell you to stop doing interrogations without my knowledge. One more of these, and I will raise the issue with Barton, which will probably be bad for both of us, but you're making my job difficult.

I told you in person, and I will tell you again, there is nothing to these haunted house rumors. I will be the first to admit that the house's history is strange, but you are making these statements a matter of public record. When you do that, you are putting ammo into the defense lawyer's gun. I think we're safe in this case because a jury won't buy a haunted house story, but you have to stop. I'm sick of debating this issue with you every day. Let it go. Ludarac is the sole suspect. He has motive and opportunity, yet you seem to be going to ridiculous lengths to give him some sort of motivational or emotional alibi. I am begging you to stop.

Eric, you are a damn fine detective. In the short time we have worked together, you have made that clear, but this case has you coming to pieces. You are distracted, scattered and emotional, everything you don't want in a detective. You look like you haven't slept in a week. I don't want you to ruin a career because of one difficult case.

Pull yourself together,


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