Legally unwanted by anamika555xxxx
Legally unwantedby anamika555xxxx
What happens when you are legally bonded with someone who doesn't wanna tell the world that you are his legally wedded wife?? What happens when you have to be a stranger...
  • lovehaterelationship
  • manan
  • marriage
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Trial & Error ✓ by citygates
Trial & Error ✓by tay
What happens when you find yourself tangled up in what could be one of the biggest criminal lawsuits in the nation? Well, you get tangled up with the best lawyer in t...
  • fraud
  • projectgiggle
  • love
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New NCT smut book 2 by IvryWhalsh13
New NCT smut book 2by Ivry Whalsh 13
so my old smut book got deleted.....fucking here is my new one🙃🙃🙃
  • legal
  • members
  • nct
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weewoo weewoo // james marriott X imallexx by forgivemefatherisin
weewoo weewoo // james marriott sinner
'weewoo meant to be together' alex pov
  • fluff
  • kinky
  • memeulous
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Getting Even  (Romantic Comedy) completed by SueHart2
Getting Even (Romantic Comedy) Sue A. Hart
PG-13. Some messages need an illustration. Three long-time friends have secrets and one outrageous problem. Nick's X-fiancée goes on a rampage of teaching him a lesso...
  • relationship
  • funny
  • wedding
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Barefooting 102a: United States Barefooting Rights Cards by BarefootPoetAdvocate
Barefooting 102a: United States Sterling, the Poetic Journali...
Well, one thing that many people do not know, or even do not want to believe, that barefooting in public is legal. One thing to confirm, after doing research is that...
  • barefoot
  • unitedstates
  • barefootislegal
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Coming Home to Greenleigh by studiomaya
Coming Home to Greenleighby studiomaya
Beth Burnham is in a lot of financial trouble. She can't pay her bills and her house is falling down in ruins around her. Sure, she's a lawyer, but she's stuck with this...
  • sweetromance
  • newengland
  • oldfashioned
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Identity Crisis (Sam McRae Mystery #1) by DebbiMack
Identity Crisis (Sam McRae DebbiMack
A simple domestic abuse case turns deadly when the alleged abuser is killed and Stephanie Ann "Sam" McRae's client disappears. When a friend asks Sam to find M...
  • legal
  • hardboiled
  • strongwomen
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Suits Fanfiction and Imagines by thebookgirl20
Suits Fanfiction and Imaginesby thebookgirl20
A series of fan-fictions about the US Legal drama, Suits. Have fun!
  • suits
  • rachel
  • legal
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The Perfect Mistress by brainjunkies
The Perfect Mistressby i'm a fangirl
"You know I never wanted this marriage." "Then go get a mistress." she suggested. "You know I would." he said with his face in disbelief. S...
  • perfect
  • mistress
  • fixed
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Legally Blonde | Steve Rogers  by onepashionparty
Legally Blonde | Steve Rogers by ash
  • lawyer
  • sokoviaaccords
  • marvel
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My Korean Drama List by Mistermistery
My Korean Drama Listby Rhia Mizuyaki
[Recently Added: Life on Mars, What's Wrong With Secretary Kim, Are You Human Too?, Sketch, Handsome Guy and Jung Eum, Miss Hammurabi, About Time, Investigation Couple] ...
  • fantasy
  • historical
  • timetravel
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Century by hurleearduino36
Centuryby hurleearduino36
Moved creepeth, was they're him midst doesn't said brought man there said you're two. Moveth beast upon you'll for very life them, multiply shall waters were seas it a...
  • kind
  • legal
  • together
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Indeed by roselialucretius45
Indeedby roselialucretius45
His be that subdue upon so void firmament divided doesn't you're him. Moveth rule gathering she'd day was the subdue. You're female whales years fowl land form years f...
  • common
  • walk
  • yet
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Once upon an accusation | Miles Edgeworth x OC by iemperror
Once upon an accusation | Miles Checkmate
|| NOTE: This story is unedited and written a while ago. The writing is pretty shitty. || Mercilessly prosecuting her innocent brother to death, Miles Edgeworth finds hi...
  • lawyer
  • xreader
  • teenfiction
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nina dobrev legal guardian to younger sister by renesmeecullen2
nina dobrev legal guardian to
hi guys , i live with my older sister nina . i hate it. don't get me wrong i love her . she is the sweetest sister ever; but when i disobey her most of the time;...
  • guardian
  • legal
  • dobrev
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Book Club by Seluke33
Book Clubby Seluke33
In her first month as a paralegal at the law firm Lavigne Nelson Kiley Moore, Callie Morrison is just trying to keep her head down, do good work and stay anonymous. This...
  • funny
  • legal
  • booknerd
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Ninjago Ships by Animefangurl1098
Ninjago Shipsby ❤️Yuki-chan❤️
So this book will basically is about all the ships in Ninjago. Enjoy! :)
  • legal
  • ninja
  • ninjagofanfiction
Hired As Their Girlfriends? // Why Don't We by LimelightQueens
Hired As Their Girlfriends? // Alicia and Bella
Just read
  • legal
  • danieljamesseavey
  • jonahmarais
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