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To: County Sheriff's Office

From: Lt. Barton

Subject: Ludarac Case

All Department Memo,

Sgt. Dalton is executing the warrant for Jonathan Ludarac today. He will be charged with quadruple homicide. We are hoping that he will be where we expect him to be. If things go according to plan, Mr. Ludarac will be entering the building at around five-o-clock. This case has attracted some media attention, so I wanted to give everyone the heads-up. There will almost certainly be some cameras outside.

As of now, Sgt. Dalton is solely in charge of this investigation. Eric Renfield is on a leave of absence, so all questions from the media should be directed to Dalton. Dalton, do not answer any questions without my approval.

That is all for now,

Lt. Barton

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