Monitor Log

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Monitor Log

Monitoring Officer: Sgt. Adam Dalton

Date: 10/14/2012-10/15/2012

Vehicle ID Number: 919

5:15PM: Jonathan Ludarac leaves work.

5:40PM: Jonathan Ludarac arrives home at 6336 Mallum Ave.

6:50PM: Jonathan Ludarac plays catch with his son, Cooper Ludarac, in front yard until 7:25PM.

10:10PM: All lights out at 6336 Mallum Ave. House is quiet.

12:45PM: Basement level light turned on.

12:47PM: Basement level light turned off.

12:48AM: 1st floor light turned on.

12:50AM: Human figure seen through window (unidentified).

12:55AM: 1st floor light turned off.

1:00AM: Monitoring officer exits vehicle to investigate suspected human figure moving through Ludarac backyard. The thunderstorm occurring at the time prevented identification of the figure. Upon arrival in the backyard, monitoring officer was unable to determine if someone exited the property. Knocking on the front door did not yield a response. Without a search warrant, monitoring officer was unable to enter the house.

-Due to a lack of knowledge of Jonathan Ludarac's whereabouts on the night of 10/14/2012-10/15/2012, the monitoring of his residence is considered compromised. It is currently unknown if Jonathan Ludarac left his permanent residence by 1:00AM, 10/15/2012.

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