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To: Sgt. Eric Renfield

From: Sgt. Adam Dalton

Subject: Kelly Xiong Interrogation


I know this is only your sixth case here, so I'll let this slide, but allow me to give you some pointers:

1.) On partner etiquette: In this department, it is considered impolite to hold interrogations without your partner's knowledge. I know that in other cities' homicide departments, detectives will often hold interrogations solo, but here, we handle things together to keep both detectives as informed as possible, unless absolutely necessary or agreed upon beforehand. I know this may be different from your past experience, but please try to adapt.

2.) I think we both know that your interrogation with Kelly was somewhat unnecessary. This means you are simply adding paperwork to the case file. Ms. Xiong clearly states that the CSI department's investigation is still in progress. We also have an opinion coming in from Dr. Vanakov, as well as a consult from the FBI. Don't get me wrong, I see why you did the interview, but please try to keep your personal life out of our murder investigation (and for the love of God, if you feel so strongly compelled to ask someone out on a date, please have the decency to turn the recorder off and not make it a matter of public record).

3.) I have instructed Ms. Xiong to inform me when the CSI department concludes their investigation or if any odd information presents itself. I don't think there should be any reason to interrogate her in the meantime.


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