Departmental Memo

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Departmental Memo

To: Lt. William Barton

From: Sgt. Adam Dalton

Subject: Recommendation of Protective Order

Lt. Barton,

As you know, Renfield and I have been working what was initially the Dallas Gaines case. A pattern seems to have emerged. Along with Gaines, a man named Jack Sitersin was found deceased in Hidden Falls State Park (see attached documentation). Cullen Krast was also found deceased in his home under much more bizarre and gruesome circumstances (see attached documentation). My stakeout outside of 6336 Mallum was compromised shortly before the Krast murder took place. Ludarac may have left his home. At this juncture, we are not sure.

Gaines, Krast and Sitersin were all defendants in a court case a few months back (detailed in previous message). I believe that Gaines's murder was the first in a series that is targeting the four defendants. Vincent Bates is still alive, but based on the pattern, his life may be in danger. I am formally recommending that Bates be placed under a protective order. I recommend that two officers be stationed outside his house in front and one officer in the back alleyway. If the pattern continues, Bates is the only one left.

Per your instructions, we have expanded our search for suspects beyond Jonathan Ludarac. We have been unable to establish a credible connection between any other suspects and Gaines's death or the deaths of Krast and Sitersin. At present time, Jonathan Ludarac is the primary suspect for all three deaths. I would like to request permission for Renfield and me to further question Mr. Ludarac and his associations. This is based solely on his connection to the aforementioned court case and speaks only to theoretical motivation. We are working diligently on establishing opportunity and method.

Sgt. Adam Dalton

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