99. Going back to yesterday

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When the past gets its teeth into our daily life, it may get to grips with the present reality and adjust our timeline.

By recognizing ourselves in light of our history, we become aware of what we are.

As it has the quality to transmit skills and knowledge, our personal history is a brilliant coach teaching us how to act and play along with the meanders of life. While it inhabits our living, it comes to be our fellow traveler shielding us from slippery slopes, and sometimes from ourselves...

Once we get to know where and why the skeletons of the past are buried, we can start wading across our muddled memories into the open plains of a new horizon.

Little girls have a distinctive flair. They are used to their doll's decision when it says "no, no, no." Little girls can come to conclusions and decide for themselves as Carroll suggests in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland when she says: " It's no use going back to yesterday because I was a different person then."


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