53 . Just for a moment

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Life is merely a series of moments and is, in fact, an unflinching serial killer, since it kills steadily each moment one after the other. Memory is the only survivor.

When one has come to explore the 'instant moment' and one has chosen to savor the delights of life, which are hidden behind the curtain of haste and superficiality, then 'mental time' is replacing 'sequential time'. So, 'here' and 'now' are keeping hustle and impatience in check.

Eventually, chronological time is replaced by psychological time.

From the chronology of our time perception we keep garnering fetching and enticing instants of our life story, still abounding in our mind. As they emerge like lucky sparkles of our unyielding awareness, we hold them dearly in the treasury of our remembrance. 

"These boots are made for walking. And that's just what they'll do." (Lee Hazlewood's song) The boots in the picture that are focused on have decided to take a break.. The moment has come to reflect and to become reconciled with the fleeting time. . .

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