81. Mutatis mutandi

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If we feel affected by the dreariness of the mad scramble, we have to stand back, take a break and override the droning humdrum of the treadmill; and let the exaltation of the day decide, and follow inspiring pathways to the real heartbeat of our life.

By « mutatis mutandis » we are prepared to declutter our habits.

For sure, it may come like a bolt from the blue, when we decide not to accept to be pigeonholed anymore and to change what has to be changed, even if we have to knock down houses of cards.

In a world of permanent mutation, time may force us to dispose of odd habits and old conventions. With this, braving red flags cannot be avoided, and the notion of choice will be irrefutable.

When we alter what has to be restructured out of the box thinking can generate alternative ideas.

Many relationships are sinking into stagnation and are merely treading water through lack of initiative.

It's hard to safeguard a genuine life course, when love tips over from endearing care into tedium, through laziness of imagination or loss of interest, and the storyline becomes barren and desolate, insipidly dull and turning into a threadbare act with the same trite modus operandi. "The same procedure as every year, James!"

 "The same procedure as every year, James!"

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