109. Loss of urban benchmarks / Township

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Rather than loitering around, day by day, some prefer to crawl out of the shadow of their squirrel cage and try badly to cuddle up to a brighter side of life by searching out some wiggle room to empower their feeble stance, expecting to eke out some soothing moments of relish and buoyancy in the wings of their expectant quest.

In an open environment of living together, the absence of communication, lack of contact and loss of benchmarks are fundamental obstructions to the development of our personality.

Whether alien or local, whether native or exile, whether assimilated or singular, whether straight or gay, it is essential that each individual may take part in the open public space.

« Bridging the gaps between generations, social strata and nationalities is a tricky business. However, Erik Pevernagie may have hit upon a workable formula to ease the alienation.» International Herald Tribune.

» International Herald Tribune

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