62. Is Heaven a place in the sky?

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For ages, people have been asking themselves, what is the mystery of life, what is the big unknown in the sky behind the clouds? Is it all about a big creator in an unfathomable realm of heavens? Could it be all part of a fairy tale told by storytellers? Is it a place where angels linger, or sacrificial virgins are waiting for benevolent martyrs? Or is heaven just a place in the sky?

Let people embrace their elected god or let them create one if they feel inspired. In case some want to share, it may be fun, but if they don't fancy the concept, they should be free to recant.

If we don't guard against those trying to sell justifications for letting the gory constructions of their criminal instincts run wild and concoct pretexts for their malicious acts, we might miss out on the moments they are stealing the appropriate junctures to impersonate god and usurp the spirit of religious beliefs.

What a wonderful world it could be when spiritual factions would choose to read sacred writings as colorful metaphors and not as bloody declarations of war.

Is heaven a place in the sky? Heaven is what we wear in our heart and in our mind.

Is heaven a place in the sky? Heaven is what we wear in our heart and in our mind

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