160. Caught in the eye of the sun

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Hiding in the eye of the sun is paramount place to remain uncovered.

While looking under rugs, behind wallpaper, paintings on the wall, in the cushions, police forget to look in the eye of the sun, as they are scouting for evidence in their investigation.

This is what Edgar Allan Poe tries to convey when he describes the proceedings of the detectives in "The Purloined Letter" and how they are mistakenly focusing on the outdated elements in their research technique.

Hiding in the eye of the sun or hiding in plain sight and acting like someone who is not hiding at all, is a practical and inventive way of remaining undiscovered.

Icarus wanted to hide in the eye of the sun but was caught by its fearsome power that forced him to a downfall in the sea caused by over-ambition and his bipolar behavior. For Bruegel this fall is just a banal event: nobody is taking note of it and in the surrounding world life goes on as if nothing has happened.

When the psychedelic rock group 'The Doors ' came with their song "In The Eye Of The Sun" they certainly found their inspiration in the ancient Egyptian myth of Ra, a powerful destructive force linked with the fierce heat of the sun. Ra waged war on humanity, slaughtering thousands until the fields were soaked with human blood. "I wanted flesh and blood, skin and bones. I was space and time up and down, live and dead, blood all around." 


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