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Philosopher Jacques Derrida, a disciple of Martin Heidegger and Edmund Husserl, likes to deconstruct and dismantle written texts. The artist likes to deconstruct visual representations. He establishes links to events and to problems, which people are confronted with, day by day.

Reality is a starting point, not a purpose. He deconstructs reality, transforms it into a puzzle and shows a particular interest in details. The truth is in the details, and even the devil is in the detail. He creates an artistic world that hides a "hinterland" of interpretations. Everything is converted in such a way that the viewer looks for clarification. However, to give explanations, we need definitions.

Definitions and meanings change again and again. He knows that truth and reality are very volatile, indefinite, multi-layered and sometimes very paradoxical. For that reason, it is very tricky to emit a preset definition or a fixed denotation for the phenomena in our daily life. In the spirit and the view of Jacques Derrida, the visual world is deconstructed and translated on canvas. Topics or subjects are placed in a specific context and given ambiguous and equivocal contents. As life itself is often indistinct and confusing, there is no univocal, single way to proceed. So doing the spectator can engage in interpretations. The passive viewer turns into an active participant and becomes an accomplice of the painter's deconstructions.

As the deconstructed countryside with its house in a red roof, stealthily hidden in an abstract setting, takes its inspiration from a press release about a horrific murder committed in a seemingly peaceful dwelling, the visual deconstruction meets a mental interpretation of a story about hidden skeletons tumbling out of the cupboards.

Many cannot stand a no man's land of dubiousness, skeletons, and wariness.

People who feel imprisoned in a pen of alienation and ambiguousness, in a world of misfits, clobbered by unresponsiveness and indifference, may find release by ring-fencing a mental space to reflect on their mindset and to recover their true self.

No hemming or hawing, no hinting or manipulation, no sledgehammer–subtlety may hold us back from claiming a climate of transparency and capturing an untainted and luminescent skyline when the boldness of the truth is coming defiantly to the fore.

Each new timeframe, however, will conjure up new conditions for the deconstruction and interpretation of changing circumstances.

Each new timeframe, however, will conjure up new conditions for the deconstruction and interpretation of changing circumstances

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