15 "Finally things had lost their weightiness"

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The colorful balloons of our little daily issues are philosophical contradictions of lightness and weightiness.

In life, we have got to let loose sometimes, rather than indulging intractably in self-harm or self-mistreatment as we pursue impervious dreams.

Weightiness can be the incarnation of a sense of responsibility. Responsibility can be very versatile and can be interpreted in many different ways. Everybody seems to have a different kind of reading of accountability. When the flood is submerging the entire country, no raindrop may feel responsible. The true responsible, however, will do whatever it takes to hold each droplet accountable when the stormwater inundates the fences of our living.

Weightiness can be the demonstration of wisdom. It can be the outcome of an insightful reflection and the emanation of a quest for the sense of life.

Gravity may mean coercion when it is felt as trouble or horrendous nuisance.

Let us loosen, then, the balloons.

Let us thrust aside all the "questions with a single answer" since the starkness of our imagination can earmark a bountiful logbook to conjure up a widening array of groovy and relevant replies to impendent insidious questions.

Above all, let us not ourselves be pinned down by ill-intentioned creatures with incongruent and disputable forethoughts, trying to submit us to devious manipulations and hinder us from breaking free from a contrived mental bondage.

If we are not ready to let go knotty and prickly issues in time, our mental frame can be wrecked before long. One must be prepared to get the monkey off the back soon enough and let things loose when things get stuffy.

Lightness and gravity are part of our philosophy of life. They are essential options.

 They are essential options

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