154. Don't leave! Stay with us!

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Since they have been confronted with a permanent fear of losing customers, the media world is suffering from the terror of media metrics. Competition forces them to beg and implore viewers and listeners to stay with them and use a variety of wordings like: keep listening, keep watching, stay put, don't change the channel, stay with us, stay right where you are, don't move, stick with us, be connected, stick round, hang around , sit tight, stay tuned.

Larry King of CNN always used to say : " Don't go away!"

To make sure they keep their audience tuned up and shrink channel surfing, they are prepared to yield to infantilizing the medium, giving infotainment and shortening commercial breaks.

As the channel media war does not diminish, clients have to be seduced to avoid a decrease of fast-forwarding past the advertisements. Sam Smith gives a personal note: 'Stay with Me'

 Sam Smith gives a personal note: 'Stay with Me'

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