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2 Questions Every Girl is Asking Herself by michellezdong
2 Questions Every Girl is Asking H...by Michelle Dong
Every girl is wondering about two things: 1. What do I want to do with my life? 2. What kind of person do I want to marry? So I traveled around the world looking f...
  • newadult
  • cosmoreads
  • travel
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The Teachings of True Love  by arcturianliberation
The Teachings of True Love by Amanda Camillo
There is a secretive ancient yogic path that brings one to full enlightenment and complete liberation. These teachings are about to be revealed along with a beautiful tr...
  • yogi
  • awakening
  • truestory
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Lessons On Throwing Shade by NigelToussaint
Lessons On Throwing Shadeby NigelToussaint
Are you feeling restless and a bit gloomy these days after waking up with your coffee while catching the morning traffic and news report? Just zapped of your zip befor...
  • throwingshade
  • politics
  • featured
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How to Determine if You are a Therianthrope by Ulfrvif
How to Determine if You are a Ther...by Ulfrvif
This document will help you decide whether or not you may be a Therianthrope. It covers common experiences for awakening Therians and some stuff to be aware of. You will...
  • awakening
  • mindfulness
  • otherkinity
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Breathe - An Anxiety Memoir  #Wattys2019 ✔ by UnicornsNZombies
Breathe - An Anxiety Memoir #Watt...by Katerina Carter ☑️
Everyone is staring at you. You're going to embarrass yourself. Just don't be weird. Why do I even bother? These are my thoughts. My name is Kat, I'm 21 and I'm a socia...
  • personalthoughts
  • fear
  • personalexperience
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Positive by iamwilted_
Positiveby 🥀K🥀
Just gonna think positive☺️🌸
  • rainbows
  • flowers
  • happiness
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Mystic Messages 2018 by EnvyAugustine
Mystic Messages 2018by Envy Augustine
Daily intuitive messages for 2018.
  • purpose
  • tarot
  • healing
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This Is Not A Title, You Will Learn by MathewLovesYouBaby
This Is Not A Title, You Will Learnby Mathewwillneverdie
This Is Not A Title You Will Learn
  • thoughts
  • mindfuck
  • mindfulness
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Buddhism#now: Big Questions. Inner Peace. LOL. by nigelmellor123
Buddhism#now: Big Questions. Inner...by Nigel Mellor
Monkfish and DVD are friends. Well, sort of. DVD likes meat pies. And a pint. And girls. But he's often miserable. Quite reasonably, he needs to know why he's not happy...
  • consciousness
  • cosmology
  • buddhism
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Mantras by TheKingdomWithin
Mantrasby TheKingdomWithin
Let go. Surrender. The peace above, within beyond, embrace it, and it shall embrace you. The grace, the freedom, the beauty, it's all here... No obligations, no conditio...
  • conscious
  • destiny
  • hope
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Colours of France by 5e4n4r1lo
Colours of Franceby Sean Buckley
Enhance your mental and physical wellbeing by using the soothing effect that the colouring of pre-formed images can bring in what experts commonly term "mindfulness...
  • adultcolouringbooks
  • mindfulness
  • adultcoloringbooks
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Poetry by Kate by Dempseyswag
Poetry by Kateby Dempseyswag
My mind is not the happiest place
  • mindless
  • mind
  • rhym
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Not told that it was easy by Jooodz
Not told that it was easyby Jodi Russell
How do you see yourself, physically and emotionally? Society judges you anyway, and we are all apart of it
  • perception
  • judgement
  • experience
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The Tiny Things That Matter by ckrakau
The Tiny Things That Matterby ckrakau
Just short stories of a character who enjoys the small gifts of nature and life.
  • happiness
  • mindfulness
Dying flowers in new soil by BloomingCactus
Dying flowers in new soilby BloomingCactus
Life is not all skittles and sunshine. Sometimes our roots feel drained and our petals fall down and even water and sunlight do not give us the nourishment we need. The...
  • mindfulness
  • detachment
  • thoughts
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Frodo Dog by mumthepoet
Frodo Dogby mumthepoet
Mindfulness. Frodo. Our dog.
  • mindfulness
  • loss
  • poetry
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