34 . The hidden sides of his character

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People are seen through the stained glass window of our imagination. Some parts are translucent, some parts are opaque. The characters' hidden meanders often remain concealed and are not easy to figure out.

When we start raising different inconsistent truths, life may tip into bewilderment, and the brain may go haywire. The confrontation between what is, not is, and maybe is, might embed an enduring showdown, harboring an intense apprehension, and bring us sometimes unwittingly to our knees.

The truth is not a transparent process. What we see are shadows behind mat glass, a vaporous representation of reality.

Truth is not as such, what we think it is. The 'truth' is a prism with many sides that only let us guess.

By and large, the truth is not merely a fierce battle with ignorance and fallacy, but, first and foremost, combat with our own preconceived ideas and aprioristic conceptions.

In fact, the truth is perhaps not 'true.'  Maybe it is just a lie. Taking our truth for "the" truth could lead to many erroneous interpretations.

 Taking our truth for "the" truth could lead to many erroneous interpretations

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