127. This far !

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When some claim demarcation and "regulation," others fancy "deregulation," preferring foxes guarding the henhouse or chicken yards with free chickens and free foxes. Friend or foe, hen or fox, anyone can have a go.

Many people become schizophrenic and paranoid in front of the famous trilemma: "democracy, national sovereignty, and hyper-globalization." The political incompatibility leaves people befuddled.

In light of this discordance, many claim limits clearly to be defined: "This far! Not further!" Wanting 'liberty' to be increased and the 'law' to be enforced, creates a dialectic issue and causes bewilderment.

To secure the boundaries of their territory, some would rather keep an eye on everyone and particularly on newcomers. Friends have to be kept close and enemies even closer.

Moreover, it may be common knowledge that friends can betray, whereas enemies cannot. After all, everyone could be a fox in liberty.

 After all, everyone could be a fox in liberty

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