31 . Transcendental journey

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When we are able to break free from the imprisonment of our little, small self-thinking and dare to face the essence of life, we recognize we are never at home with ourselves. We are always on the road.

By challenging the unknown and the unidentified we are capable of opening our skyline. By transcending our daily reality and embarking on an alternative journey we create an opportunity to taste the nitty-gritty of life.

When we go beyond the day-to-day contingencies and the usual concerns we can understand ourselves better by figuring out the mystery and the anonymity of our surrounding world.

If we want to give oxygen and content to our life, let us bypass the flamboyant bells and whistles of shallow pursuits and take delight in the appeasement of the emotional windfalls that crop up when we encounter the 'others' and engage in new mental adventures.  


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