171. Mama. Meine Bäume wachsen bis in den Himmel

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For people who have got ideas on the go and like to increase their business, trees can grow very fast

In the course of their asset stripping strategy, some will take over everything that is in their power and will show no regard for people's or companies' future.

Let's watch out for the unpredictability and the wildcat jumps of contrarian people, whose sole interests are soaring targets at high-speed, at all costs and without any consideration. Perceptive understanding may help us discover the hidden actualities behind the 'appearances'.

They will make a whistle-stop tour at their Mum's place, now and then, to touch the ground with their feet again, when life becomes too wobbly.

The day they feel their tall trees catch too much wind, they may experience they are in free fall.

In that event, they are victims of "the bigger they are, the harder they fall"- syndrome. It is boom and bust.

 It is boom and bust

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