185. One drink after work...

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The great wheel of life can confront us with unexpected very exasperating situations. People can experience this, when they sense, that they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Destiny can force us to follow a course that we don't choose to follow or submerge us in an inextricable stance.

A headline in a tabloid "One drink after work and she found herself battered, bitten and raped" gave rise to this feeling of being victimized by destiny and the representation of a young lady with shoes, handbag, bottle scattered around, after leaving the office and looking forward to having a drink in the pub around the corner. Fate had decided otherwise.

On Friday evening of November 16, 2015, gentle people attended a friendly concert at a Parisian music hall " Bataclan" and others were peacefully sipping their drinks at a café in the neighborhood.

Nobody could have felt that a bad Karma was hanging around the City of Light. Nobody could have expected that fate would strike so hard.

 Nobody could have expected that fate would strike so hard

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