10 . P* envy

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Since the time Sigmund Freud has started his psycho-analytical researches, the item "Penis Envy" has invaded many strata of our society.

Though Freud assumed that men were sometimes envied for their particular organ, many men, on the other hand, seem to have a complicated relationship, related to a sense of power. As size and ability are at the root of their self-esteem, it may lead to a feeling of shame, depression or failure.

In his book "Him and Me" (Io e lui), the Italian writer Alberto Moravia puts on an interesting dialectical performance of a man's passionate manhood, talking to his owner. He gives us a fascinating dialogue between Instinct and Sublimation.

For many men, the car is often looked upon as protraction of the penis that has become its extension, as it is tied to a man's sense of virility, job prestige, earning potential and real masculinity, as a whole. The car has become merely a magic potion for promising "male enhancement."

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