195. Fear of the white page

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"Fear of the white page" is the effective translation of sentiments into visual symbols.

There is a search for the immediateness of icons, to represent the complexity of feelings which other languages can rarely encompass.

Most surprisingly, there is an achievement of straightness and a rigorous definition talking about ambiguity, doubt or contradiction.

The message, like a light beam across the fog of the human condition, calls our attention to the fragment, to help us to explore the universe.

The detail is chosen as the starting point of the possible knowledge, deepening our perception and conscience.

The first pieces of a puzzle, we have to assemble, are presented to the beholder.

The moment is frozen as a password to disclose eternity.

The choice of the technical parameters further materializes the philosophical approach of the "essence": the flatness of the perspective, the geometrical shapes, the narrow chromatic range, the use of material elements such as sand and metal files somehow recalling the Art of ancient Egypt, an art based on the language of icons and symbols, to explore and explain the mystery.

It is not a limit that is faced, but a precise choice that is made.

In 'Fear of the white page' there is a clear perception of a material representation of the immaterial and the inexplicable. The terror of the new, the panic of the beginning, the 'Horror vacui' affects each man's endeavor.

The fear of the white page, which is the fear of acting and -at the same time- is the fear of the guilty absence of our action.

The white page is the effective symbol of the fear we have to bear for a living; it is the portrait of the unbearable loudness of living. (Roberto Puvia)

 (Roberto Puvia)

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