29 . Camera obscura of the mind

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The "reverse engineering" of our brain allows us to disassemble all the little pieces in the " Camera obscura " of the mind and to identify changes and choices made, after absorbing the phenomena of our life.

All incidents which we experience are warily interpreted and translated in the dark chamber of our mind. They inspire us how to behave, how to think, how to act and prompt our predilections and our way of visualizing the world. The mind opens itself, then, to welcome the enchantments of life or to tear up destructive thinking patterns. The brain becomes truly a precious resilient partner.

When we are grappling with misery and our heart is in a knot, we may well do better to snap back to a new reality, make choices, refine and consolidate our self-image; and reshape the mold of our identity.

If we don't want life to treat us like poor clodhoppers or bland hang-abouts, we have to turn 'surviving' into 'living', readjust our course and propel pointedly a precise track, without being deterred by 'fear' and apprehension.    


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