125. Promised me a breeze of freedom

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A promise is a gift, and a gift is a symbol of a social relationship. The donor is aware that it creates a link and the recipient identifies it as a mutual bond.

A gift, however, is tangible and a promise is not.

Eventually, a promise can be expounded as misunderstood or misheard or it is simply over and done. If misheard, the social bond is to be put into question. If forgotten, it can be reminded, but this is embarrassing. If elapsed, it is one of those broken promises that infest countless relationships.

"Remember, the promise you made!". "A promise is a promise!". "Don't turn me away." These are familiar keywords that abound in the world of inter-relational commitments and are labels belonging to our collective memory.

The fresh "breeze of freedom" that so many people promise lightheartedly, so often, remains void in the hot desert of yearning expectations. Pretending that everything is just a deplorable misunderstanding, may soothe their conscience and let them walk out easily on their pledge.

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