45 . Not without my shadow

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The shadow sometimes hesitates on the fault line between dream and reality, on the intersection of past and present.

Its incidence can be felt physically or mentally, but if we stand in the limelight, constantly, we can easily fail to be aware of its presence.

When we retreat from the madding crowd, our shadow brings us back to reality.

If the glare of the public eye has become unbearable, our inner child may claim its rights and our bodily shadow might turn into our mental second self, become our anchor, make us stay grounded and grant us deepness and intensity. By retreating from the blaze of the display into our substantial self, we gain rootedness, insight and new worldly wisdom.

If our splintered attention has led us to oblivion and blindness; and if the shell has replaced the substance, it may be enlightening to deep-dive into the roots of our negative qualities to discover a surprising guideline for the creation of new horizons.

A new horizon may mean hope, understanding, and insight.

If we are able to convey 'meaning' to things and to actions, we may dominate part of the obscure world of ignorance. When we try to give sense to our life, we can come to 'awareness' and fill many of the numerous black holes of witlessness in our thinking. We may, then, defy and dam the existential void, down the stretch.

 We may, then, defy and dam the existential void, down the stretch

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