161. No cherries anymore in winter time

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When we have a privilege to pick them from a tree in the garden, cherries are so eye-catching and can be very poetic too.

But in winter time our trees are bare and the taste of the cherries does not desert the neurons in our brains.

Many are not able loosen their savor or to depart from their enchantment and feel forced to take resort to the cherries from abroad, where the climate allows picking the selected fruit, and rely therefore on fast airplanes.

As they have to fly thousands of miles for our pleasure in winter time, we will be pleased to bear in mind that they set free nice airborne fine particles and hazardous volatile organic compounds.

Some might perhaps struggle with mixed feelings and the cherries may leave a sour taste in the end.

The ecologic importance of this issue must be added to the dossier about sustainability and belongs to our "Zeitgeist", the spirit of our time. 


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