32 . Women in progress

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Throughout our emotional odyssey in the unembellished narrative of our life, we may sense many alluring voices that are enticing us into a beguiling, seamless story.

Our inner monologue, however, might start raising consequential questions about the scintillation of that story, about our vulnerability during the tempting process and the danger of losing our real self.

The question may be asked, whether the lure might enlighten, weaken or destroy our living.

While our interior monologue mostly listens to the wisdom of our experience and the guidance of our memory, it may prefer not to listen.

In that event, however, unreason and passion will be calling all the shots.

For decades women have been attempting to embroider the tale of their life, but, very often, their interior monologue has not left them much of choice. As many still live in a patriarchal world, forever dominated by the punitive power of a conservative system, they have not got the opportunity to be seduced by attractive alternatives and alluring stories that might have enhanced their standard of living and mental independence.

Gender equality in our Western societies is a somewhat recent debate, taking into account that women in France had not the right to hold their own bank account until 1965 and in Switzerland had no voting right until 1971.

Fairness and impartiality are the main points on the agenda. Female egalitarianism and equal opportunity is still a sweltering challenge when we note that in some countries they are still treated like slaves and considered as underdogs.

"Women in progress."


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