40 . Terra incognita or the lady is a tramp

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Women may sometimes feel like aliens emerging in a hesitant future, in a men's world with impervious codes, and have the impression to be like dots in uncharted territory.

Discovering the crucial points, which don't line up with the achievability of reality, may be a key to the right compass in life.

If we are not apt to steer our life and engineer our individuality, we may become preys of the pecking order and be constrained to keep on loitering like panting cardboard characters turning into walking dead.

Some women don't care about decorum and conventions, wanting, first and foremost, being independent. They don't like to waste time with people they don't like, preferring to live a life as a 'tramp,' with ' the free, cool wind in their hair,' no matter what people might say, not in the least concerned with any pecking order.

Like many women, numerous strangers and newcomers in big cities may feel surrounded by a hazy cloud of anonymity and a wall of seclusion. They remain unadulterated aliens or unplumbed individuals in a terra incognita. Being part of a melting pot with distinctive identities, they try to assert their personality and take ownership of their respective individuality. Tensions may simmer, however, and the underlying causation might be difficult to assess.

When aliens come and settle in suburban areas, they are often surprised about the perplexing behavior of the 'local tribes' and watch 'natives' like fish in aquariums.

On the other hand, the flow of strangers is often reluctantly accepted by the natives, who are flabbergasted by the new faces 'decorating' or 'contaminating' their environment and the bizarre conduct of the intruders may unsettle them.

This double repulsion could be countered by better information and communication.

This double repulsion could be countered by better information and communication

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