5 "Disruption"

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When our being is in disruption, we walk a tightrope between presence and absence. The mirror of the past shows all the cracks assembled during the sinuous journey of our life. Since the implacable incursion of past and present creates an outlandish ground of astoundment, it opens access to a new stage of life or a gate to non-existence.

A sudden and abrupt clash between new and old, between being and having been, intractably provokes a surge of bewilderment and enthrallment, when we end up in an alienating void. "Time" has to become, in the event, a redeemer to heal from anguish and desolation. If time proves to be a reliable ally and a good coach, a new inspiring sequel for the future can be written.

Finding the right way to express one's feelings is a perfect way to avoid disruptions. We are sometimes astounded, however, by the behavior of emotional outlaws, as they act in line with their very own standards, but proceed like bulls-in-a-china-shop, create one heck of a mess in their living environment and bring about shocking disturbing dissensions, ever since their inner construction clashes with our emotional architecture.

When our spontaneous emotions clash with our instilled emotions, which have been molded by our social community, we might, gradually, see dominoes falling, as we come to experience more authentic feelings, which are arising after 'conscious reflection.' The confrontation of impulsive, ingrained and introspective emotions may, naturally, create a bewildering trilemma in our mind.

The tension between "Non-painted" and "Painted" matter, between "Presence" and "Absence," between "Past" and "Present" is brought to the canvas, visually and mentally.

The female persona lies on the floor, and part of the body remains outside the canvas. "Non-painted" and "painted" matter is to be evaluated on an equal level. Like in most works the character is integrated into the environment through geometric lines and compositional planes. Figuration and abstractionism are forced to a compromise and highlight a range of emotions and reflections.

The material on the canvas and the color process play an essential role. The use of rough material and metal filings, which gives the painting its distinctive texture, is in this respect very significant.

 The use of rough material and metal filings, which gives the painting its distinctive texture, is in this respect very significant

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