76. Could the milk man be the devil?

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Woe betides anyone getting in the way of people that keep on muddying the waters, throwing up smoke screens and clouding issues, so as to conceal their dubious motivations.

When the shine is wearing off and the underlying cracks of a garlanded lifestyle become painfully apparent, reality may inexorably take its toll and gruelingly reveal the presence of a blatant and hideous gap of irrelevance and vanity.

When some name dropping and eye-rolling chin strokers are trying to snow us under with an avalanche of swollen narratives, we must never resist puncturing the blown-up balloons of their twisted too-good-to-be-true stories. The sound of bursting balloons may, then, ring like ravishing music in the ears.

Milkmen are examples of convivial and trustworthy persons in society. They come in the morning and put their at our doorstep. We highly cherish this image in our daily life. Lately, though, many people have been infested by distressing events and criminal reports. Distrust has infected the once so open and cordial mood among the members of many communities.

This may pose questions: how can we avoid becoming paranoiac, if alleged reliable individuals have victimized us and have turned into devils.

In 2006, milkman Charlie Roberts walked into an school in , shot ten of the girls before turning the gun on himself. Five died: the youngest two were seven, the oldest was twelve.

The quiet friendly milkman and family father was a devil, the embodiment of evil, indeed.

The quiet friendly milkman and family father was a devil, the embodiment of evil, indeed

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