66. Looking for the unexpected

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Annoyed by the laming spirit of a bone-deep mediocrity and the daily grind, some decide to go on the road and look for the unexpected. By discerning the surreptitious features in the scenery of their self, they come to apprehend their personality, find out their identity and learn how to cultivate it. Taking care of their fingerprint will be an enduring endeavor.

In our life journey, the unexpected may remind us or surprise us. It may remind us when we are moved by things we think we recognize and give us a good feeling. It may surprise us when we find out things which open a new vision on the world and offer us an unforeseen experience.

When we are looking for the unexpected, we are not only looking for the unexpected in ourselves, but we are also curious about the unexpected in the behavior of the others. So as to know the others, we have got to learn how and where they differ from us. By understanding this, we are able to establish an uplifting link with otherness.

Looking for the unexpected, assumes an open mind, a condition of dynamic, uncluttered response to current events. By finding out the things we don't know, we analyze our interpretations and master our own feelings. We become mindful and assess events in an unbiased manner.

 We become mindful and assess events in an unbiased manner

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