54 . Even if the world goes down, my mobile will save me

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If we don't counter the onslaught of the insidious triviality of transgression in our daily environment and if we gradually lose grip on the pervading taint of apathy and disrespect, we need irrevocably restructure our thinking and adjust the mechanism of our action. Taking everything for granted and accepting anything uncontested might generate disjunction, arouse extreme heartbreak and, finally, turn our living into a scourge.

If people skirt around the essence of things and dodge the real substance of their words, they are twisting the core of the message that they are expected to deliver. If we are not prepared to spell out clearly the content of our thinking or to 'name' undisputedly the quality of the cold hard facts, we deserve to be disentitled, intellectually.

The addiction to our mobiles may insidiously unlock evil actions by helplessly surrendering to the plague of blatant indifference, arrogant inattention, and flighty bee-lining and sophisticated acts of revenge. Smartphones may unstitch positive points in our lives and incidentally enchant us by instant selfies but, with some, they might inexorably trigger off shabby and despicable practices. 

Martin Luther certified that he would plant his tree today even when the world goes down tomorrow.

Today's generations are convinced that their mobiles will save them under any circumstances.

The Smartphone has become ayoung divine embodying the ultimate desire and saving us from droopiness orlack of care and concern. It is the epitome of happiness, encompassing pleasureand contentment, but for sure does not allow woe and depression.

Technology has become a new divinity and is expected to be the ultimate savior. The processing methods of the IT manufacturers will never disappoint their believers as they will unrepentantly fine-tune their coveted hardware and software gifts.

Their mobile is the epitome of happiness, encompassing pleasure and contentment, but it does not allow woe and depression, though.

However, in a world where happiness has become a social duty and sadness a public offense, life opens irrevocably into a kaleidoscopic masquerade and a muddling carousel of faking.

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