133. Words flew away like birds

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The day we decide to drop the flimsy makeshift scenarios in our cluttered mind and eschew the 'alleluias' of self-importance, life can become genuine, lucid and graceful, like a flow of wellness in the glow of a new morning.

'Speaking and saying' are two different languages and speaking discharges resonance. Saying emanates ideas. Speaking needs eloquence. Saying needs contents. Instead of "saying" something, we often hear people just "speaking," speaking profusely without saying anything.

'Hearing and listening' are two different activities. For hearing we need eardrums. For listening we need brains. For listening, we need the patience to initiate the cerebral mechanism. Often people are just "hearing" and not "listening" when words have no content and no sensible links.

Let us speak less and say more. Why speaking so much without saying anything?

Words can easily disappear like birds as if they have never existed. Parole...Parole


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