141. The empty Mirror

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Mirrors seem to be an essential issue in art.

In "The empty Mirror" two persons look at a black surface. They look at a mirror. Both ignore the beholder and, as so often in the artist's works, both are faceless. They come to life in geometric compositions and grey tones. Perhaps one is the reflection of the other. Perhaps they are doubles or clones. Neither of them has a specific characteristic. They hide their identity. They are men (or women) without qualities.

If the face is considered as the mirror of the soul, these figures are soulless. The painting suggests potentiality: if we keep on looking, perhaps a figure will suddenly turn and we'll see the traits of the face, perhaps a reflection of the outer world will appear in the mirror or perhaps somebody will walk through the mirror and will thus enter his wonderland, an imaginary, parallel world.

The worst would be if the mirror were empty, as the world, which it is supposed to reflect, is also empty. In that case "the empty mirror" would stand for "the empty world". (Daniel Thielemans)

 (Daniel Thielemans)

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