117. The door was still ajar

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A door that is still ajar may create a contingent situation, arousing a feeling of expectation or a sensation of unrest. It may generate hope if one expects and enjoys meeting someone or it may incite turbulence if the door is expected to be closed.

People might be disturbed when a door is ajar as, in their mind, a door should be either closed or open, because the fact of being ajar is creating an unclear stance.

In front of an unclear situation, people may be hesitant, distraught or helpless. It may destroy their peace of mind.

Faltering thinking and indecisive conduct often result in losing ground and yielding to bleak caginess that generates the redoubtable Buridan's syndrome. As Buridan's ass is placed equally between a stack of hay and a pail of water, it dies of both hunger and thirst.

Keeping the door ajar may in some cases also be a means of protection.

In the light of possible transgressions or inappropriate behavior, women might prefer to keep the door ajar if they feel, in that way, more protected from intimate aggression. Men may do so too if they feel safer and sheltered from false allegations of improper conduct. 


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