112. Transcendental meditation

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When people constantly live in an environment of moral sniping and backbiting, they may feel urged to articulate their rage.

The problem of aggressiveness challenges people every day. The bull is a symbolic example of aggression and is represented on the canvas in a dynamic, powerful and uncompromising manner, stretched to a rigid geometrical composition. The words 'transcendental meditation' are inscribed in filigree.

"Mental engagement," meditation and dialogue could, indeed, be an alternative for a vicious circle of violence.

If we cannot tame the valkyries of our emotions and restrain the burgeoning crankiness of our actions, we have to empower our mind, at some point, and let time flow on the waves of remission and compassion... and loosen up.

When life beats us up, while we have our back to the wall, there is no other course than exorcizing fear and using the seeds of resilience stored in the attic of our imagination.

Postscript: the bull has been harassed for ages and playfully teased to death in the frame of institutionalized games, in the name of tauromachy and under the auspices of a benevolent an alleged "peaceful" tourist audience.e.


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