56 . Everybody his story

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For the discovery of self we have to overcome the fear of self, so as to find the marrow 'within' and disclose our 'true' self. We are all the construction of a story, and it is only at the end that we can assess the value of the plot.

We want life to make sense. If we don't find meaning or orientation, we are bound to fabulate a living and invent an inspiring life story. When we write out a chosen script, we'll have to make time to hunker down into attuning it to the hitches of the roadmap, time and again, with fractious patience.

Each person has a personal DNA with identifiable fingerprints, a distinct background, and a specific experience.

With these pawns, we can conceive our own story and individual design requisites to furnish the course of our life.

People who don't construe their life and don't frame their very own tale, stay on the sidelines, remain only an act without a story and turn into an "empty box." Out-of-the-box thinking and inventiveness remain then merely wishful thinking.

" Out-of-the-box thinking and inventiveness remain then merely wishful thinking

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