9 "Man without Qualities"

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The Austrian writer Robert Musil has undoubtedly inspired this « Man Without Qualities ».

He is an anti-hero who decides to make a clean slate. Tabula rasa. He gets rid of all acquired alleged qualities. As he seems to have lost the center and his mind does not find the core, he feels the overall picture has slipped away. Only the details of life can help him to find the whole ensemble. Since he is apparently suffering from loss of control, his worldview cannot comprehend the daily events. His conception of life is no longer a key for understanding, but is, on the contrary, blocking off his insight.

All those so-called "Qualities" that he has assembled during his lifetime have grown into an obstacle to the development of his personality. He feels imprisoned in a deadly routine.

The artist believes in "a man of Possibilities" rather than in "a man of Qualities". He points out his viewpoint : "  'to become' or 'not to become', that is the question", rather than what William Shakespeare  says :" to be or not to be". When man "becomes", he challenges the range of possibilities and excels the passive and inert stage of merely "being".

Like a snake sheds its skin, man is then capable to get rid of his assembled habits. He can create space for a regenerating reflection and be able to make time in order to call matters into question.

"Man without Qualities" receives then by itself an "Identity", a "Personality"

"Man without Qualities" receives then by itself an "Identity", a "Personality"

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