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Songs I'll Never Share (Or So I Thought) by caIebjames
Songs I'll Never Share (Or So I Caleb James
My second collection of songs/poetry. This time around, I set out to create a deeply personal and authentic record. There are sixteen sides of me in this body of work. E...
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(Completed) Touching Poetry: Volume II  by hasukamii
(Completed) Touching Poetry: 🧿 蓮の魂
This is Volume Two of Touching Poetry. The continuation of a series of poems, inspired by my imagination, & my sense of style in writing. I hope you all enjoy! @radiant...
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The Rose of a Virtuous Woman by A_Nastiee
The Rose of a Virtuous Womanby Ayria
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Life's a mess - MITW (S.01) by LukeyVt
Life's a mess - MITW (S.01)by LukeyVt
P.O.V - Pac Acho que todo mundo sabe como eu e Mike nos conhecemos. Eu aceitei ele no TazerCraft sem pensar direito, mas... P.O.V - Mike Até hoje eu agradeço ao Pac por...
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crazy me.......tryin to Find A Place In This World by JL_louis
crazy me.......tryin to Find A JL_louis
A not so personal diary, with a hint of journal entries of some topics people rarely want to talk about...
Guide to Being Grunge by galaxygrunge
Guide to Being Grungeby galaxygrunge
title says it all. there will be tips, tricks, how to's, advise, and quotes!!
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One Chaotic Self by k2reggie
One Chaotic Selfby Redzhep
Импулсивни и автентични фрагменти от едно хаотично аз.
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Graphic Fanatic  by emilyawesome383
Graphic Fanatic by ·emily·
OPEN. DON'T BE AFRIAD TO LEAVE A REQUEST. I'm simply a bored teenager who likes to edit. If you ask nicely and follow the rules, I'd be happy to help you out (:
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Querencia by _v_i_r_i_d_i_t_y_
Querenciaby - c'est la vie -
"A place from which one's strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self." Just some poems I've written. Read i...
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South Africa Vs The World  by icetea51
South Africa Vs The World by Lindokuhle Dlamini
This is a book about all the funny discrimnations about south africa. ~By a teenage girl~
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How to Buy genuine medicines from Online Pharmacy? by Sreyasid
How to Buy genuine medicines Sreyasi Dey
a guide to buying the best medicines online by 3MEDS
Poemas Encontrados by TheRoseBlackTRB
Poemas Encontradosby TheRoseBlackTRB
Puedes encontrar diferentes tipos de poemas. Espero poder acariciar tú alma con mis palabras.
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Synchronicity- My Self-Love Journey | An Autobiography  by upamabrahma
Synchronicity- My Self-Love Upama Brahma
Universe always plays its divine role in our lives... Are we perceptive to listening to Its Voice? Let's make you dive into a short story of mine related to how the Sync...
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Silk Eyes by AquaDaisa
Silk Eyesby Lovefood Daisa
A few poems I have written to get back into who I used to be.
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Inked Thoughts by juijeevanjagtap
Inked Thoughtsby juijeevanjagtap
This book is my first poetry collection. Poems,on topics one should really think about. "Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found w...
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22 & Learning Poetry Collection: Curiously Beautiful by AuburnCloud
22 & Learning Poetry Collection: Jasmine Hill
A collection of passionate poems inspired by emotional overloads too curious not to write down.
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SATYARAM by rahulchalla143
SATYARAMby rahulchalla143
It is my first story, which is a thriller short story. Not story speaks. A murder case is took up by Chief Detective Satya and his trainee Ram. The case take...
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teenage mindset by xbotanicx
teenage mindsetby botanic
a collection of my thoughts and feelings, unedited. while reading, please notice that these are my thoughts. if i run out of thoughts while writing, i am done. i refuse...
Smartpie's Rhapsodies by Smartpie
Smartpie's Rhapsodiesby Smartpie
Just rants about life I guess. Expect nothing too extraordinary. Frequent Updates.❤️
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The Authentic Kind by daddy_lemon
The Authentic Kindby C̶o̶u̶r̶t̶n̶e̶y̶
Not really a diary
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