88. Mes cliques et mes claques

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Since love and hate can be fierce partners in crime, it is highly recommended to trace any first indicia of the fault lines in a shaky relationship to avert irreparable damage.

When relationships lose their pitch through lack of interest and become stale or unbearable through enduring stealthy backbiting, the emotional house of cards is under attack.

A painstaking reshuffle, however, may brand a new choice of life and create energy for positive thinking, whereas remaining bogged down in dispiriting situations and staying clogged up with immaterial hassle may only spawn forlorn deadlocks.

In a lifetime choices have to be made.

If the future offers no satisfying solutions or no impending viable prospects, knots must be cut. Sometimes "bags and baggage must be packed."

The lady in the picture has taken her conclusions and opted for a new horizon, packing up and walking out with her " cliques et claques."


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