68. Was it all worthwhile?

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We are permanently walking on a very thin ice whenever we try to measure lasting values in an ever-changing and utterly edgy society, whenever we must define long-term objectives in a short-term spirit.

One must face the harsh music and recognize that emotional investment has lost the battle against fleetingness and volatility if a relationship appears to have been only a wild-goose chase.

We may like to know the relevance of loyalty in an ever-shifting world and comprehend the essence of "commitment" in a rapidly altering relationship.

In a frame of the "easy come easy go syndrome" many interpretations are brought to mind like "It was all a misunderstanding" or "I liked what the other did, but at this moment I must recognize he didn't do what I really do like".

How should one keep a balanced spirit, if the standards in our lives and in the world are constantly reshuffled? Come rain or come shine, let's not fear our own shadow or desperately simmer down whistling in the dark, but let's speak up and make our point, and comprehend ourselves in our surroundings, with our very own individuality. .

"Was it all worthwhile?" is the question so many people ask all the time, rain or shine.

"Was it all worthwhile?" is the question so many people ask all the time, rain or shine

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