91. Une femme peut en cacher une autre

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When we remain hidden in the rainbow of a prism, locked up in the spectrum of unsolved stories, life becomes a journey in a world beyond appearances and a mystery behind perpetual tensions.

In a men's world, many women may still feel embroiled in a web of wearisome and uncomfortable positions and often prefer to hide in a veil of anonymity or a shroud of mystery.

By escaping from the limelight for some time, they try to assemble the tokens of their personality and reconstruct an identity that may have been under attack in the course of their lifetime.

In this event, comprehensive and essential facets may get lost for the public eye, which might make the picture of their persona sometimes inscrutably opaque.

The outside world will, then, have to attempt to find out the missing pieces of the puzzle... "Cherchez la femme."


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