107. No monsters hide at this point

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If our feelings clash with our perceptions, and we cannot breathe anymore, below the leaden sky of a harsh reality, we have to kill the dormant virus of lassitude, punch the air and propel us on a new course, taking back a genuine interest in the world, and create an open space to overcome the impairment of emotional thinking.

The stranded, walking a fine line between reality and illusion, constantly weaving through disappointment and hope never stop dreaming of empathy and good feeling, and crave for attention and endorsement.

People should not look away.

People living with Aids are no monsters. They need not hide. They need no pity either. They need friendship and understanding.

If they feel entrenched in their emotional ghetto, people mustn't leave them smothering in their loneliness but give them all the solidarity they need.

People should not look away

If they stand in front of a point of no return, reaching the ultimate phase of the fatal disease and confronting the utter existential gate, people should not look away, but give sympathy and compassion.

At this point hide no monsters.

At this point hide no monsters

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