132. Wrong time. Wrong place

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In life, it's all about timing.

Occurrences can be predictable. Having a 'good timing' is doing things at the best time and within the time limit. If not, we have 'bad timing.'

To assure good timing, we need the right decisions, patience, and persistence. Good timing needs the willpower to steer clear of confusion, disorder and ... discontent. We should not blame ourselves for possible "bad" timing later on.

Occurrences can be unpredictable, as well.

Occurrences can indeed beunpredictable. If we have to endure a cascade of rumpling coincidences, it'sfate that dictates our lives, taking over the common procedure of 'timing,'and, thus, sealing the bondage of our free choice. Once our choice is kidnappedand strangled to the core, fate checkmates our destiny. 

Evening Standard: - "Boy, 12, stabbed eight times by gang at a fried chicken shop in Hoxton, east London in London, was 'in wrong place, at the wrong time."- The fate of the stabbed boy was sealed.

"- The fate of the stabbed boy was sealed

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