118. The grass was greener over there

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The grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence.

When people have a feeling of not really belonging, they fear their life is a desolate place, being deprived of happiness.

Happiness is an undercurrent of sensitivity and leads a surreptitious life: it is an internal contingency. We can feel it in stillness and it stands the test of time.

Joy is an eruption of cheerful moments and we want to express it: it is an external contingency. We might shout it out, as it conveys a dynamic of fleeting instants. Joy gives voice to "en-joy-ment".

The green grass on the other side, where everyone is happy and everything is paradisiacal, is often a delusive perception.

Many politicians promise green, green grass by blending niceties with delusion and by using alluring confidence tricks. They voice attractive tales, appeal to our sentiments and tell things, people like to hear.

But the post-factual grassland appears to be parched and barren.

But the post-factual grassland appears to be parched and barren

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