166. Rain man

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When rain and tears are making a trip together, the emotions may be under pressure.

Rain is a very ambiguous phenomenon as it may have a positive or negative value. In some parts of the world, there is an acute lack of water, and this leaves people in a hopeless situation. In other parts, they have to face extreme floods.

Rain can influence people's emotion. The French poet Paul Verlaine is very aware of it since he explains the influence of rain on people's emotion. He feels a strange relationship between rain and tears. "It rains in my heart, as on the town and on the mart, pours down longings that start, to reign in my heart! " ( Il pleure dans mon Coeur. Comme il pleut sur la ville, Quelle est cette langueur, Qui pénètre mon cœur ? ) Rain man may stand for a man that offers abundant blessings from above or a man who likes to make it rain, who usually carries a lot of money in his hand, ready to throw money.

Rain man may be a nerd. He may be smart or particularly qualified in some areas but socially retarded, of a borderline nature, an 'idiot savant.'

The umbrella of Rain man is an object that gives support, protection, or authority. Umbrella is derived from Latin "Umbra" meaning "shadow" but also means "phantom or ghost." Rain man can be a demon who is described by some celebrities, for example, Jay Z, as a creature who inspires striking records to him when he writes lyrics. Artists, who refer to Rain Man, declare he's a devil. Artists sell their souls to this devil in trade for money, status, and more. Many songs bring up Rain Man, for example, Eminem's song "Rain Man."

The music industry is using "Rain man" as a name for "Lucifer", Satan. Rain represents abundant blessings from Above, and the Rain man is the Man from above who gives abundant blessings, i.e. Lucifer. Occultists in Europe & America have used the term Rain man to mean Lucifer, a demonic fallen angel for many years now. It is showing up openly in modern entertainment.

 It is showing up openly in modern entertainment

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