70. Côté cour...Côté jardin

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Whereas some dwell on the bright side of life, enjoying an exciting spectrum of contingencies, and get all the breaks, others live in the confined inner court of their being, cramped within the fence of their mind. Only imagination may arouse a spark of expectation, stir up resilience and create an equitable prospect.

Be it on the garden side or on the courtyard side, we have the potential to rise up against the dictatorship of destiny, become rebels with a cause, at any time, and turn the course of our existence since life deliberately means 'choice' and offers a range of challenges that can empower us to transcend matters and settings.

Social counterpoints can be a shrieking reality. But life may nevertheless become a colorful canvas with an array of opportunities, allowing us to escape from the suffocation of our enclosure if we hold ourselves receptive to the healing power of the daily little marvels and stay aware of the vivifying unexpectedness of the distinct moments.

When an incidental color or a random fragrance takes possession of our imagination, we can suddenly blossom into a new entity as it gives us wings and enlightens our horizon, just like canary birds that feel stimulated and start singing as soon as they sense the radiance of the sun through the reflection of the skylight.

Let's not wait until the light fades into an irreparable loss, but let's stay in the loop and pursue the momentous flow of daily little wonders, as life kindly tenders us gorgeous bouquets of sparkling colors, telling signs and rousing episodes.

Let's just and above all open our eyes and learn to be aware of the enchantment of the little things.

Ever and again, our mind may become befuddled when we have to find out what is heads or tails. Ever and again, bewilderment may strike our brain when we have to interpret the contrasts between the dark and the bright sides of things, when we have got to read complex cases and assess the divergences between the iridescent outward appearances and the grisly undercurrents of particular characters.

We may acquire, however, a widespread sense to scan the suspected boundaries and the threats of incidental loopholes if we take an elastic and well-attuned stance on the multi-layered backgrounds of our environment.

Rosemary West, Beverly Allitt, in real life, and Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, in Robert Louis Stevenson's imagination, are still alive in our collective memory.

"Côté cour...Côté jardin", courtyard side and garden side, is a permutation from the theatrical scenery, from the artificial theatre to the reality of life.

Côté jardin", courtyard side and garden side, is a permutation from the theatrical scenery, from the artificial theatre to the reality of life

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