89. Behind the frosted glass /Hinter der Mattscheibe

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If we expect to "know" the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, we may have a hard time seeing the whole picture, since the truth is a willful construction that allows us often only to "guess."

If we dare to dream, we must dare to wake up. When we come to rub our eyes wide open and face up to realness, we can clear our vision and curb a whirlwind of bewilderment that might break our mind apart, once fantasy wrangles with reality and once our awareness denies the true colors of facts.

Only if we transvalue the plain-vanilla standards of our life, we may bring back things to light and recognize the lies behind perceptions.

Truth is not a transparent process. What we see are shadows behind mat glass, a vaporous representation of reality. Truth is not as such, what we think it is. Truth is a prism with many sides that only let us guess. In fact, the truth is perhaps not 'true' at all. Maybe it is just a lie. Taking our truth for "the" truth could lead to many erroneous interpretations.

Truth is the permanent discontinuation of value, which must be reinterpreted warily and adjusted recurrently.

Many have difficulties in concentrating and circumcising all the essential elements that might lead to the truth. If people are actually willing and have no inhibitions, they can show a real "appetite" for trying to lay bare the hidden facts that went underground.

"L'appétit vient en mangeant, et la vérité aussi, si on veut bien se mettre à table. »

For Jung, we don't see the other. We only see shadows, aspects of ourselves that fall over the other. We make projections and associations.

 We make projections and associations

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